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346                            THE GAY GENIUS

TSEHTSUNG (1086-1100); Yuanyu regency under Empress Dowager
(Mar. io85-Aug. 1093):

1086   Secretary to Emperor; hanlin
1089   Journey to Hangchow

Hangc'how commander and governor
of Chekiang

1091    Minister of civil service
Journey to capital
YmgcAous magistrate

1092    Hangchow magistrate
Minister of war
Minister of education

1093    Wife died; Empress Dowager died
Tingchow commander and governor

of Hopei

1094   Journey to exile at Huichow
Huichow banishment

1097   Journey to Hainan

Tanchow (Hainan) banishment

Aug. io86-Feb. 1089
Apr.-July 1089

July io89~Feb. 1091
Jan.-Aug. 1091
Mar-May 1091
Aug. i09i-Mar. 1092
Mar-Aug. 1092
Sept-Oct. 1092
Nov. io92-Aug. 1093
Aug.-Sept. 1093

Oct. i093-Apr. 1094
Mar.-Oct. 1094
Oct. i094-Apr. 1097
Apr.-July 1097
July i097~June noo

HUITSUNG (1101-26); Empress Dowager's regency (Jan.-June noo):

uoi   Return to China; journey to Chang-
1126   End of northern Sung dynasty

July uoo-June noi
July 28, uoi